Does a Landlord Pay for a Home Security System?

Our Riverside property management company is open to different alarm arrangements, because we understand that landlords want their properties to stay as secure as possible. When a landlord decides to contribute to maintaining a home security system, we are happy to help them instruct renters on its use.

What home security features would a landlord pay for? Sometimes, this includes maintaining the monthly monitoring service (the service that dispatches police if the alarm is triggered) on an existing security system in the home; even more rarely, some will opt to pay for both a new installation and the alarm monitoring service (this is typically billed annually or monthly).

What do we ask of any landlord who wants to provide alarm service to the tenants renting his home? We need him to fill out a form, the “Alarm Instructions Addendum,” that provides us with the:

  • Locations of all alarm keypads in the home
  • Detailed instructions on arming and disarming the alarm (turning it on and off)
  • Other instructions necessary for operation, such as whether specific doors and windows must be closed in order for the alarm to not trigger
  • Instructions for programming sub-user codes (these are only meant for babysitters and mature, trustworthy relatives who frequent the home, such as grandparents and in-laws)
  • Any other specific requests the landlord has for operating the alarm

Is a landlord obligated to have a security system in the home? Not by law, and we do not require it as a rule. However, landlords who are still waiting on properties to be rented may consider having a system installed so that we can market it as a security feature. Many families are interested in the idea of renting a home that has an alarm ready to go. For more questions on home security systems in Beeline property management rental homes, contact our Riverside property management services experts.


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